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7 key features you should look for when buying a VoIP phone

Buying a VoIP phone isn’t rocket science; but before buying one, you should always consider which type of phone will best meet your needs. The best advice I can give is to consult your service provider for information about the necessary technical specifications. It is always good to have some type of understanding about the technology, before making your purchase. All VoIP hardware phones should have these basic features: First off, the phone must support IP protocol. Second, it should have at least one RJ-45 port for local area network (LAN) connection. All phones, VoIP or not, must have a...

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What are the benefits of VoIP Phone System?

Twenty years ago there weren't a lot of choices when it came to telephone systems. The only cell phones at that time were the size of a brick and land-lines were the only option businesses had. Until the Internet revolutionized everything it created, along with many other things, VoIP. The internet has given small businesses the chance to have phone systems as sophisticated as a big corporation. VoIP is a relatively new technology and a growing need; but the necessity to communicate with people has been around for thousands of years. What has it done for this essential human need? VoIP phones have made it possible...

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Is it worth buying a used or refurbished Business Phone System?

Running a business is no easy task. Running a successful business, is an even harder one. As the decision maker of a company, you are constantly making sure everything is running at optimal levels. Constantly checking expenses are low, revenue is high, profit margins are at the best returns possible, etc. When managing “business costs” you should always make sure you see these “expenses” as an investment rather than a cost.   Lets say you need to purchase a new business phone. You are trying to be economical so you decide to buy a refurbished/used one. You find an incredible price online...

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When buying a Business VoIP Phone is Free-Shipping really "Free"?

Have you ever gone online and seen a company offer “FREE Shipping”? But as soon as you read the fine print it says, “on orders over $500”. Don’t be fooled by someone simply trying to take advantage of you. You’re not looking to break the bank just for “free shipping”? That completely contradicts the benefits of ordering something online in the first place. Example: How about when you go purchase a product and they say “FREE Shipping”, but they forget to mention, you won’t get your product for 2-3 weeks, if you’re lucky! And if you want it sooner then...

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14 Key-Functions you should know about your Cisco SPA303

Label #1 in the image above is the Handset. To place or answer a call pick up the handset. Label #2 in the image above is the Message Waiting Indicator; it displays solid red when you have a new voice mail message; it flashes red during an incoming call or when the phone’s firmware is being updated. Label #3 in the image above is the LCD Screen. It displays the date and time, phone station name, line extensions, and softkey options. Label #4 in the image above are the Line Keys. This indicates the phone line status. When the light...

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