When buying a Business VoIP Phone is Free-Shipping really "Free"?

Have you ever gone online and seen a company offer “FREE Shipping”? But as soon as you read the fine print it says, “on orders over $500”. Don’t be fooled by someone simply trying to take advantage of you. You’re not looking to break the bank just for “free shipping”? That completely contradicts the benefits of ordering something online in the first place.


How about when you go purchase a product and they say “FREE Shipping”, but they forget to mention, you won’t get your product for 2-3 weeks, if you’re lucky! And if you want it sooner then that they charge you an arm and a leg. In the examples below I ordered the “Cisco SPA303” VoIP phone on April 2nd, 2015. These were the results I received for different locations all over the country (U.S.).

Example 1: Miami; Example 2: New York City; Example 3: Los Angeles

If you notice in the images below, you see a bunch of shipping options. Each price is different according to how fast you want your product expedited. You see choices like “UPS 2-Day Air” or “FedEx 2-Day”. Let me ask you something, if I ordered my product on April 2nd, 2015 and I do not receive my product until April 15th, 2015; then how is that 2-Day shipping? Especially, if I am paying an extra $20.44 or $33.00 (for the Miami and Los Angeles examples). The same goes for the other examples. If you are getting it shipped to New York City you are paying an extra $24.00.

Now lets get to the “free-shipping” option. Remember, I ordered my product on April 2nd, 2015. If I go with the free-shipping option, I won’t get my product till April 16th in Miami; April 14th in New York City; and April 17th in Los Angeles. So lets say I need this product urgent. I just broke my office phone and I need it as soon as possible because I have clients calling my business, but they can’t get ahold of me. Now to get it in 1-2 business days I have to pay $49.25 in Miami; $36.25 in New York City; and $51.25 in Los Angeles. What happened to real FREE-Shipping?

Companies nowadays make great “offers”, but don’t tell you how they are charging you in the backend. When doing business with a company, they should be as transparent as possible. You don’t want to believe you are getting a great deal just to be ripped off.

Shipping to Miami:


Shipping to New York City:


Shipping to Los Angeles:


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