Is it worth buying a used or refurbished Business Phone System?

Running a business is no easy task. Running a successful business, is an even harder one. As the decision maker of a company, you are constantly making sure everything is running at optimal levels. Constantly checking expenses are low, revenue is high, profit margins are at the best returns possible, etc. When managing “business costs” you should always make sure you see these “expenses” as an investment rather than a cost.


Lets say you need to purchase a new business phone. You are trying to be economical so you decide to buy a refurbished/used one. You find an incredible price online for $50. You order the business phone system (Cisco SPA303); use it for 2-3 months and then it mysteriously stops working. What happened to your investment? Spending between $200-$300 a year on ONE phone for your business is not a very feasible expense. Especially when you can purchase the same exact phone for $74.95 brand new, out of the box, with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

The primary reason people like to buy refurbished is because of the price. A lot of the time vendors are trying to sell a refurbished good even more expensive than buying the same product brand new. If you look at the images above and below, you will see the sales of a refurbished Cisco SPA303 VoIP phones on both Google and Amazon. If you look at the prices you will see they range from $40 to $299.


What they don’t tell you when selling you refurbished goods, is about the hidden damages. You have to remember these products have had a previous owner. They were most likely returned due to some malfunction. There are two types of malfunctions: external and internal. External ones aren't so bad, if you don’t mind your phone looking a little beat up. Most common physical defects are sticky keys, dead keys, screen not functioning correctly, normal wear and tear. The problem that arises here is it could end up costing you more than you had anticipated. Internal issues that we have found common in refurbished phones are: firmware problems, bandwidth issues, internet connectivity, issues in checking Voice-mail, incompatible software; just to name a few.

Another reason people like to buy refurbished phones is brand name recognition. The consumer can now afford to buy a phone from a name brand manufacturer, even if it is reconditioned. For some, the brand name alone is reason enough to make the purchase. The only problem with this is, just because you are buying the brand does not mean you are buying the manufacturer warranty that comes along with the brand. The majority of refurbished phone’s warranties have expired. If a warranty is included you can bet it is not from the manufacturer.


When you buy something for your “business” make sure it is an investment and not an expense. Do your homework and don’t buy something that looks “cheaper”. If you look at the images above you will notice the same Cisco SPA303 sold on Google and Amazon refurbished costs more than a brand new one, with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and FREE 2 day shipping to anywhere in the United States. When purchasing the same phone new; you are buying security, reliability, dependability, assurance, and an all around quality product.

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