What are the benefits of VoIP Phone System?

Twenty years ago there weren't a lot of choices when it came to telephone systems. The only cell phones at that time were the size of a brick and land-lines were the only option businesses had. Until the Internet revolutionized everything it created, along with many other things, VoIP. The internet has given small businesses the chance to have phone systems as sophisticated as a big corporation.

VoIP is a relatively new technology and a growing need; but the necessity to communicate with people has been around for thousands of years. What has it done for this essential human need? VoIP phones have made it possible in this expensive world, to be able to speak to people on the other side of the planet at a fraction of the cost. What typically use to cost us between $0.30 - $2.00 per minute, now cost us a fraction of the price (sometimes even free). With VoIP you can make international calls for $0.05-$0.25 per min.

Just imagine, you are at the airport and get an important business call--on your MacBook. You're on the road driving to a seminar and receive an urgent voice mail--in your Email inbox. Your business has a phone number with a New York area code--even though your office is in California. VoIP has made all of this possible.

You are able to run your entire business at a fraction of the price, from anywhere in the world. You aren't tied down or restricted to geographic boundaries.

Don’t think just because you are trading up to a VoIP system over a land-line, you lose all the bells and whistles. In addition to all the features your land-line system offers, such as voice-mail and Caller ID; VoIP systems can be integrated into a business's computer system to allow voice-mails to be sent to email inbox, laptops or desktop computers to be turned into "virtual phones." You can even record the calls and go back to listen to them at a later time.

Are you the owner of your company? Are you worried about how your employees are spending their day on the phone? Well another great benefit to VoIP systems is the analytics and tracking of all phone calls made. Thanks to analytic now you can see who your employees call how long each call is and the average call time. Most VoIP providers even allow for call recording for quality assurance between employees and customers.

These are just a few of the many benefits of using a VoIP system. The benefits are endless and growing more everyday, as VoIP technology is continually evolving, with compelling new benefits being developed for small businesses. When looking for a service provider, be vigilant an do your research. Speak to experts on the matter.  Make sure to do the legwork before falling into just any service plan. A couple tips before purchasing your VoIP phone: 

1 - Make sure your phone is compatible with all service providers. 

2 - Try not to buy used or refurbished phones, as these have a lot of software malfunctions when connecting to different service providers.

3 - Make sure you are buying the right phone for you (Don't be sold by bells and whistles, functionality is key).

For more information, questions or help finding the right VoIP phone for you, please contact us at 2DayDirect.com or call us at 888-676-2DAY (2329).

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