7 key features you should look for when buying a VoIP phone

Buying a VoIP phone isn’t rocket science; but before buying one, you should always consider which type of phone will best meet your needs. The best advice I can give is to consult your service provider for information about the necessary technical specifications. It is always good to have some type of understanding about the technology, before making your purchase.

All VoIP hardware phones should have these basic features: First off, the phone must support IP protocol. Second, it should have at least one RJ-45 port for local area network (LAN) connection. All phones, VoIP or not, must have a keypad dialing. How else would you make your phone calls? Lastly, make sure it has a built in Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), where the phone will be used independently of a computer. If your phone’s features does not meet these basic requirements, then you are not purchasing a VoIP compatible phone.

After you have looked and made sure that your phone has met the basic requirements, it is important to check the additional key features. Below is a list of the top features to look for when purchasing your VoIP hardware phone. Some people may prefer basic VoIP phones, but one should keep these features available in mind when shopping.

  1. Data Encryption - Data encryption reduces threats to data security on the network.
  2. Multiple Programmable Feature Keys - Multiple programmable feature keys give users an interface to deal with basic and advanced phone features without necessarily needing a computer connection.
  3. LCD Display Screen - An LCD screen allows users to access features like caller identity. More advanced phones feature color displays to allow users to make video calls or surf the web.
  4. Ports for Network and/or Computer Connections - An RJ -11 port allows the phone to be connected to an ADSL line and an RJ -45 port allows LAN connection. Where there are multiple RJ-45 ports the phone can be used as a switch that can connect other network devices or phones to the network.
  5. Built-In Headset Jack - A built-in headset jack allows one to attach a headset to the phone for hands free use.
  6. Multiple Language Support - Multiple language support allows users who are more comfortable in a language other than English to access their phones and phone features in their native languages.
  7. Personalized Ringing Tones - The ability to set personalized ringtones allows the user to identify the caller purely from the telephone ringtone.

After you have checked to make sure the phone has met these essential requirements; list the most important qualities you are personally looking for. Once you have narrowed down your choices, research each model to measure performance and call quality. It is recommended to make sure there is additional support when purchasing your VoIP phones because it can be difficult to set up.

If you still have any doubts or questions before buying a new VoIP phone, please feel free to contact us at2DayDirect.com or call us (888) 676-2DAY (2329). We are always here to help and answer any inquiries.

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